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Selected Writing

Oreo Identity Crisis - CBC Radio for #Canada150

" Twenty-three years of doing a particular activity every day should make one an expert. If I told someone I had been an accountant or a chimney sweep for over two decades, it'd be safe to assume I knew exactly what I was doing. I have been a black woman for twenty-three (and a half) years, and I can honestly say that I still don't have it figured out..."

The African Experience on film: Whose story is it to tell and why aren't we seeing it - CBC The Filmmakers

"Africa is not perfect by any means, but that continent is far more than Western culture acknowledges: the luscious savannahs, the vibrant wildlife, the humility and kindness of the people. These are the things we don't see when we turn on our televisions..."

The Dissection of a Mad Black Actress - INTERMISSION

"I am Black and I am exhausted. Exhausted of feeling like an inconvenience for casting. Exhausted of being treated like an exotic animal in a zoo. I applied to theatre school to train as an actor and yet every day feels more like training to be a civil rights activist..."

Café Müller - SUNDAYAT6MAG

Inspired by the visuals from Café Müller by Pina Bausch

"There is no hesitation as she slips into the room, remaining unnoticed by all who sleep. She presses herself on the cold wall and she waits. Shivers shoot up her spine and goose bumps appear all over her skin...." 

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