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Thoughts on diversity, The National Theatre School of Canada and Young Jean Lee's Lear

A conversation with NTS acting students Rachel Mutombo, Athena Kaitlin Trinh and Dejah Dixon-Green

RUINED by Lynn Nottage

UPCOMING IN 2018... 

Rachel Mutombo will be playing Josephine in Lynn Nottage's critically acclaimed play, Ruined. It is being produced by Dark Glass Theatre in Vancouver, BC.

"Dark Glass Theatre exists to tell stories that enable us to see, face to face, people we might not otherwise meet, thereby decreasing judgement, increasing compassion, and fostering empathy." 

It is a privilege for Rachel to work with a company that is committed to sharing everyone's stories and does not shy away from diversity and inclusion. And she's never been out west, she's excited to see more of Canada and be immersed in the BC theatre scene.